Church Services


Cowboy Church will be re-opening Sunday May 31st. There will be two services.


The 8:30a service will be reserved for people who may be more vulnerable to Covid-19 and those who desire a greater margin of safety for themselves or their families. The church will be freshly cleaned and disinfected and full mitigation will be required. This means that every person entering the  sanctuary MUST use hand sanitizer, wear a mask or face covering, and observe social distancing. The only exceptions will be those who are on the stage.

The 10:30 service will be open to general membership. Social distancing should still be observed, and while members are still urged to consider wearing masks or face coverings, they will not be required to do so. Members will be allowed to determine their own level of safety so long as they are respectful of others.

Initially, there will be no coffee, donuts, or burritos offered at either service.

Childcare will NOT be provided for either service. Children will need to attend church with their parents.

Cowboy Church is continuing to monitor federal, state, and local updates on Covid-19 and will respond appropriately as the situation warrants.

Connect Groups


There are still over 100 active cases of Covid-19 in Ellis county. This means that to limit exposure and keep people safe, social distancing remains essential. 

Since many of our connect groups meet in settings that would make this difficult or impossible, we are recommending that most of our groups continue to meet virtually until at least June 15th. We are continuing to monitor data and will make further recommendations at that time.

If your group does choose to meet, please make sure to do so in a way that keeps your members safe. 


  • Make sure that you have enough space to ensure social distancing. (6ft between people at all times)

  • If this cannot be accomplished inside, consider meeting outside.

  • Consider not serving food or drink. Common handling of containers or utensils provide a means of transmitting the virus from person to person. 

  • If you do serve food, have someone serve the food wearing gloves and masks or set out covered individual servings ahead of time.

  • Consider zooming in members who are vulnerable to the Bible Study and prayer part of your gathering so they can continue to participate in the group.

We believe that the spread of Coronavirus may be slowing in Ellis county and are hopeful that it will soon cease to be such a serious threat, but until then let’s do everything we can to keep each other safe.

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